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RGV Comments On Indian Act

Ram Gopal Varma feels Indian Laws are so powerful and the system would have collapsed had if they weren't good enough. He cited an example to say even the most influential Individuals can't escape if laws were violated.

Once, Sadanand Date who was the Chief of Economic Offences of Crime Branch received an order from Commissioner Of Police to arrest a mid-range Industrialist who had a property dispute with Top Industrialist. This Leading Businessman is a close friend of the Chief Minister.

Then, Sadanand Date called the Top Industrialist to collect details of the case if he comes to the Police Station. However, The Industrialist who doesn't want the news to be leaked sent his relative and lawyer to the police station. Upon collecting details, Sadanand studied the case and informed Commissioner that there is no need for arrest as it's more a legal issue. Then, Commissioner questioned why does he thinks about all those things when CM is involved.

Thereafter, Home Minister called Sadanand Date and shouted why he isn't arresting the mid-range Industrialist. Then, Sadanand explained, 'If I call the mid-range Industrialist, He would come here with his Lawyer. I don't have answers for the questions Lawyer would ask. Even if I arrest, Court grants him bail immediately and also questions Me on what basis I had arrested. Entire plan would backfire'.

In the Meeting with CM, Top 5 Industrialists and Police Commissioner, Sadanand Date explained to them why their plan to arrest the mid-range Industrialist won't work. Then, CM questioned what should we do to arrest him at any cost. Upon thinking for a minute, Sadanand Date said doing crime is the only way. Then, Everybody who had come for the meeting realized the consequences. Quickly, CM said let Law take it's own course. Even the Top Industrialist agreed with him.

Varma believes Indian Laws are so strong that even PM can't violate them. According to him, Attempts to manipulate the law won't yield the desired result. Even the influential can't do anything if law is on the side of those who are in the opposite camp.





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