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Revanth Hinting The Alliance Between Tdp And Congress

Revanth Reddy who jumped to Congress from Telangana TDP often declared that he has utmost regards for Chandrababu Naidu. He did not change that opinion even after joining Congress and is advocating an alliance between TDP and Congress. Even the other day, Revanth Reddy was saying that TDP (TS) will certainly join the anti-KCR front in the coming days. This statement of Revanth Reddy is aiding the rumours of a possible alliance between Congress and TDP in both the Telugu States. While an alliance with Congress in Telangana may come handy a bit for TDP (TS), it may be a death knell for the Yellow Party in Andhra Pradesh which is seen as the Sole Reason for the Bifurcation. Also, Congress, anyways, has meager voting in AP. So, Revanth Reddy’s Statements are only causing an unnecessary headache for Chandrababu.





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