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Restriction Of Powdery Substances In US Flights

Are you scheduled to travel to United States on or after 30th June? And are you aware of the new rule that no passenger can carry more than 12 ounces (i.e. 350 grams) of powdery substance in their respective hand bags.

The US Transportation Security Administration brought in the new rule into effect after the officials on a Gulf Carrier detected an improvised explosive device (made of powder explosives) last year. All major US-bound flyers were under pressure to implement this rule at the time of check-in to avoid the additional screening.

All the powdery substances like dry spices, talcum and cosmetic powders will come under screening, in case of carrying more than 350 grams. Indian Government's Air India runs more number of airplanes to US every day, from financial capital Mumbai and New Delhi. 'For your convenience, we encourage you to place non-essential powders above 12 ounces in checked bags,' the Transportation security Administration advised travelers in an official statement. Airlines that are running their flights to US have already began to advise the passengers regarding the new rule.

In wake of this new rule, websites of American and Singapore Airlines are carrying a report: 'restriction on powder-like substances'. For all international travels to US, the rule will formally come into effect on 30th June 2018. An expert on a Singapore Airline website says: 'Medically-prescribed powder-like substances, baby formula, human remains and duty-free powder containers inside a properly sealed secure tamper evident bag (STEB) may be brought into the cabin. Customers are advised to proceed to the boarding gates early to allow sufficient time for the enhanced security measures.'




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