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Renu Desai Shares Her Moment With His New Love

Renu Desai gave indications about Second Marriage almost one-and-a-half year ago. She found her soulmate after a lost wait & shared the news on her Instagram page recently.

Currently, Renu Desai is having a blast in Goa along with Aadhya and her friends. She now complains her Closepals haven't been giving her privacy to read even the messages sent by her fiance. 

In the photograph shared on her Instagram page, Renu Desai was found at the smartphone. This particular picture was shot by one of Renu's Friends.

May be, Renu Desai is trying to convey she is madly in love and very happy with the new life partner. The recent posts could be an exercise to prepare fans and common people in such a way that majority of them accept her decision




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