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Renu Desai Got New Daughter

For the last 7 years, Renu Desai was called Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife. But now, she has scripted a new chapter in her life by getting engaged to the love of her life. However, Renu has kept everything about her mysterious beau under wraps.

But amidst all the mystery, Renu Desai has revealed a crucial detail about her beau. Recently, Renu posted a picture of her daughter Aadya with a little girl. Renu went on to reveal that the little girl's name is Angelica and that she is a good friend of Aadya.

Then comes the major revelation. Renu said that Angelica has now become family, indirectly hinting that her beau is already married and that Angelica is his daughter. Perhaps, Renu's beau is also separated from his wife and was looking for a partner, and love struck between both of them is what netizens are opining




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