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Renu Confirmed That Her Marriage Is Arranged Marriage

Actor Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife Renu Desai is now engaged. The model-turned-actress shared pictures from her engagement but kept the identity of her fiancé secret.

The engagement ceremony took place over the weekend and her children Akira Nandan, 14, and daughter Aadhya, 8, were also there.

"My happiness is incomplete without my babies… so happy that I have both of them beside me on the day I start a happy phase of my life," red the caption on the picture.Renu also thanked her fans for the best wishes on Twitter. "Thank you all my well-wishers for the beautiful messages," she tweeted along with the pictures:

Prod her on what this new phase of life means to her, and she replies, “It’s an arranged marriage! I am happy but not really animated! Love happens only once and you can’t fall in love again and again.” She adds, “It’s all about feeling comfortable with a person and then trying to be with him. I have been single for the last seven years, and I am happy. He (fiancé) is peace personified.”

Renu adds that while they are yet to decide on the marriage date and venue, her friends have been asking whether she really needs marriage at this point of time.

“Since both of us are earning, they want to know why we can’t be in a live-in relationship. But I don’t believe in it. Last time, I had to be in a live-in relationship because I had no choice, but this time I don’t want to do that. I am 37 and traditional at heart! I want to enter into wedlock in typical Indian style,” shares Renu.

But does she still believe in the concept of marriage?   

“Yes! Marriage is the most beautiful institution to have ever been discovered, it gives me peace,” she says.

And how she is dealing with the trolls on social media?

“Logging into social media is a torture for me! Most of the times, my PR is shocked to see the kind of messages people post. But I will continue to fight against the mindset of the people. I am not cheating or doing any crime; I am only getting married,” says Renu, adding, “The people who are posting such messages are frustrated men in their professional and personal lives and I am apprehensive about the women in their homes. But there are some good messages too.”

Clarifying a picture of her son looking crestfallen, Renu says, “Many people assume that Akira is upset with my second marriage, but he was actually upset that the menu didn’t include paneer butter masala!”

Renu Desai is also a director and producer (Ishq Wala Love) and she was married to Pawan Kalyan from 2010 to 2014. Their son Akira was born six years before they got married. Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan separated a few years after their wedding and Renu shifted to Pune, where she now lives with her children.

She reportedly has the full custody of the children, who frequently travel to Hyderabad to meet their father.




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