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Reddy Responds To Venkatesh Comments On Lokesh

The Kurnool district politics have become a headache for TDP chief and CM Chandrababu Naidu. If this is the case, Lokesh's fresh comments have kicked up a political storm.

Lokesh's announcement of the candidature of Butta Renuka for Kurnool Lok Sabha seat and SV Mohan Reddy for Assembly seat are not going down well with the TDP's senior leaders of the district. Particularly, TG Venkatesh who is expecting the seat is fuming over Lokesh's comments and openly expressing his dissent.

TG Venkatesh, who claimed that he wouldn't respond until Chandrababu Naidu takes the final call, alleged that SV Mohan Reddy could have hypnotized Nara Lokesh. Venkatesh looked quite upset when he was talking to media over Lokesh's comments. Venkatesh also said that this was not the tradition of TDP to announce the candidature in advance as the party would follow the custom of announcing the candidature only after receiving the B-form.

Meanwhile, SV Mohan Reddy has responded to TG Venkatesh's comments. Retorting to TG's comments, Reddy said he hasn't hypnotized Lokesh and lauded Lokesh for announcing the candidature in advance as it would increase the winning prospects of the candidates. SV Mohan Reddy also said that he would work for the party's victory in 2019 elections irrespective of the candidates. He said he doesn't need to hypnotize anyone.

TG's team is now said to be knocking the doors of Naidu to settle the issue. Lokesh's tour in Kurnool is stirring up a storm in TDP.




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