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Realty Turned Agri Lands Into Layouts – Pawan Kalyan

Jana Sena party (JSP) president Pawan Kalyan alleged that Bhogapuram and surrounding villages in Vizianagaram district, where an international airport is proposed to be built, have become a favourite hunting ground for real estate businessmen, who converted vast tracts of agricultural land into residential and industrial layouts.

A similar thing had happened before the construction of the Hi-Tech City in Hyderabad. Those having political connections were privy to the information that the then government was about to transform that area into Cyberabad. They lapped up the land at throwaway prices and built vast business empires to the detriment of the poor farmers.

Politicians also immensely benefited from the racket, like some in the TDP who were now calling the shots at Bhogapuram, he said.

Addressing a public meeting during the Porata Yatra at Bhogapuram on Sunday, Mr. Kalyan said the government had initially thought of acquiring 15,000 acres for the airport, but settled for 5,000, of which 2,500 were taken over and the remaining were frozen. This caused a lot of hardship to the farmers. Former Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy had done the same thing in the name of SEZs. Not more than 5% of the land allotted to the SEZs was put to the intended use, he alleged.

Mr. Kalyan said the JSP would determine the extent of land required for the airport and it would expose the ruling party leaders behind the real estate mafia at Bhogapuram.

He ridiculed that the Chief Minister was doing ‘event management’ but not delivering governance. His Deekshas cost ₹13 crore, which could be spent on improving the amenities at Bhogapuram.

Reacting to the CM’s comment that he was provoking people through his rhetoric, the JSP chief said if the government continued to take a lenient view of corruption, he would show what provocation would look like. The corrupt elements would not be allowed to move on the roads, Mr. Kalyan warned, rebutting the allegation that he was acting as per the BJP script.


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