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Reactions On PM Modi’s ‘9 Minutes Light Up Vigil’

In the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling to light up from the balconies for 9 minutes on April 5th at 9 PM, while experts and healthcare professionals sought more announcements from Modi, opposition Congress alleged that Modi is playing to the galleries with whistle worthy lines, but not revealing the needed  

While the call given by Modi uplifts the spirits of masses for sure, actually there is a need to stress on the relief measures and other activities going on in the country regarding COVID-19 outbreak say opposition parties.

What are we doing to ensure doctors and nurses get personal protection, what are we doing to import ventilators and to bring rapid testing, to test, trace, isolate and treat? What are we doing for the consequences for the lockdown as it left many people jobless and some without food?" asked Sashi Tharoor "Motivation "is very well, but are we giving tax rebates to businessman and waving interests to the middle class on loans and job assurance to others?"

Lighting a lamp won't eliminate the problems in a democracy, but keeping people informed of all the things will" says Congress MP Sashi Tharoor, who has outrightly condemned Modi's call, saying that it is a promotional exercise aimed at hiding the real issue in the plain sight. Another Congres leader Nagma added that buying a candle at Rs 5 by 135 crores Indians costs Rs 675 crores and govt should have spent that money on buying N95 masks for healthcare workers.

On the other hand, BJP supporters are feeling proud with Modi's call as they say that he has tried to address crucial issues like mental well being, insecurity and helplessness by asking people to come together and do the light up vigil. Some WhatsApp forwards from BJP fans read, "PM Modi wants the most powerful element 'Agni' to ignite hope & faith to win over Corona".




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