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Ravi Babus AVIRI Teaser

From time to time, many filmmakers try to come up with different scripts but Ravi Babu is one creative filmmaker who is coming up with same horror script to make his blend of horror films. And here comes his next 'Aaviri'.

The first teaser of Aaviri is out and it is about a beautiful looking flat behing haunted by a ghost that is invisible but can do all the physical activities. Though that is the team we have seen in Ravibabu's horror thrillers including Avunu and Avunu 2, he has once again come up with the same story.

But this routine story has better VFX this time as we could see a jar of juice getting up and pouring itself into the cup, then a pair chappals walking along and finally the ghost writing the title 'Aaviri' in the steam formed on the glass pane of the bathroom.

Wonder if there is any other newest element or angle Ravibabu has explored inside this film, which is boasting in a routine setup.




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