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Rana To Fight Humans

Global warming, extinction of animal species have become cruel reality today with the growth in the Carbondioxide and Carbonmonoxide emissions. 

Also, for housing and other purposes, forests are being cut down and they are going rapidly reducing too.  At such times, even big and popular animals like Lion, Elephants are also under huge threat. 

While elephants tusks have always been a bigger reason for killing animals, with rapid reduction in forest area, their wild and natural life is vastly under threat. 

Rana is going to play the guy who saves a group of elephants and also protect their natural habitat from humans, it seems. 

Prabhu Solomon, his next film director shared the story at a press interaction and said that the film will talk about nature and issues that humans are causing to it, in a more detailed way. 

The movie will release in three languages, Tamil – Kadan, Telugu – Aranya and Hindi – Haathi Mere Saathi. Thanks to Baahubali and Ghazi, Rana can afford to release the film at the same in all three languages and expect a good opening. Suresh Babu is also one of the producers of the film




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