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Rana Speaks Out On Rumours Around His Health Condition

No matter how many times he has given clarity, some gossip mongers are busy saying that he is hiding his health issues and will be soon flying to the USA for treatment. Yes, this is about 'Bhallaladeva' of Mahishmati kingdom, the one and only Rana Daggubati.

Apparently, there is a talk that Rana is having trouble with his eye as there are some issues related to cornea and vision. And with the Baahubali star himself revealing sometime back that he got an eye implanted during childhood, many thought this is true. Later some gossip mongers started spreading that he has some kidney related ailments and heading to the USA for a special treatment. What's the truth anyway? 

"Hearing lots of strange things about my health, I am fine guys just some BP based issues I am addressing. Will be fixed and sorted soon. Thanks for the concern and love but dont speculate its my health not yours", said an infuriated Rana Daggubati, in a strong tone. 

Let's hope the rumour mills will get shut down at least now. 




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