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Rana Gives Clarity On His Studies

Sometimes speculations go beyond anyone imagination and people come up with quite imaginative stuff. One such thing is the educational qualification of celebrities, including actors and politicians.

While some are making a mockery of themselves by claiming their tall educational qualifications which are often fake, some heroes like Ram Charan and Rana Daggubati openly claim that they discontinued studies after the first year into degree college. 

Still, a news portal has come out with a list of highly educated celebs and gave a place to Rana in it, saying that he completed public schooling, graduated in acting and industrial photography and also did something related to visual effects. Rana is quick to respond on this, however, saying that it's untrue. 

"Not true lots of false info on me and others" is what he said, talking about it. Insiders say that Rana and Charan discontinued their studies at a college in SR Nagar after wrapping the first year. Later Charan went to Mumbai to take up acting classes, and Rana hasn't got any such training it looks




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