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Ramojirao Moving Back To Tdp From Bjp

The Biggest Drawback of Chandrababu Naidu Government in this tenure is not being vocal about the achievements while Opposition Parties have gone rampage on Social Media with Bad Press. With Elections less than a year to go, Media Baron Ramoji Rao seems to have come to Chandrababu’s rescue. Ramoji Rao at times after 2014 seems to be favoring BJP but then Friday’s Coverage of Eenadu about the Achievements of Chandrababu Naidu Government in the Four years so far indicate that he is strongly backing Chandrababu once again. The Editors at Eenadu have done some amazing hard work in putting up all the achievements of the government almost constituency wise in the district editions as well. The Research went into it is pretty much good and gave a Good Press to Naidu. At the same time, Sakshi’s Editorials on the same occasion which are exactly opposite on expected lines seems to be not so effective with Political Agenda smeared all over without proper research and it is seen as a clear case of Political Vendetta.






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