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Ramoji, One Stop Solution For Telugu Cinema’s Corona Crisis!

It will take some months for film industry to operate as before even after the lockdown is lifted. Travel restrictions within the country are expected to be in place for few more weeks and it will take many months for the international travel to be restored. This is going to be a big headache for outdoor film shootings even after the lockdown period ends.

Hence, many filmmakers are looking for alternatives and most of them are seeing Ramoji Film City as the one stop solution for these problems.

Rajamouli planned a major schedule in Pune for #RRR before the lockdown and he is now in discussion with the art director to erect sets in RFC to shoot the Pune schedule here as Maharashtra continues to be the COVID19 epicenter of India.

Krish's film with Pawan Kalyan has a major schedule planned in Morocco, but it will be shot in RFC with the help of few sets and VFX. P

rabhas's upcoming film that was supposed to be shot in European locales also is looking for alternatives at the moment.

Apparently, Ramoji Film City will soon be overcrowded with many of the big ticket film shoots taking place at a time.




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