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Ramcharan In Gangleader Remake

The Creative Commercial Banner, which means that three decades ago, there were films with Megastar respectively.  Challenge and others are  the first 4 films of the film snapped by producer KS Rama Rao. However, the gap after the stuvertpuram police station flap increased. That's the reason for the failure of the film .. Chiranjeevi said at the Tez i love you audio release ceremony recently. 

He does not say a lot of interesting words in his speech .. There are some hints in the middle . Ram Charan will be the producer of KS Rama Rao's creative commercial banner. This is the film that cherries after Rajamouli's film .. Megastar said. Even the timing of the timetable is also known as the best talk workshop.

That's a mega-fancy project, especially when it comes to the project. The Gang Leader's title is almost exactly the same storyline to be modified to this generation. It seems that the decision to direct this film is given to the producer. It is not just the disclosure of the SMCs. It seems that the idea of ​​raising the project is also a mega power star.




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