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Ram Speaks About His Risky Stunt

Energetic hero Ram is known for his abundant energy levels, exceptional dance movements and high voltage stunts. Ram speaking to scribes revealed his personal traits, uncontrollable anger and risky stunts.

Ram affairmed that he is mad of films and even if he gets injured while doing stunts, it will be sweet for him. During Maskaa shooting, he got injured seriously. The makers were shooting chase scene on a bike. They actually didn’t fix the camera and director too didn’t call for the action. He thought of going for a rehearsal and at that moment, he lost control of the bike and collided with a wall. 

Ram had to take 15 days bed rest and he said the thought of action scenes, bring back memories of that stunt. He said still he will never get scared of stunts. Ram says he gets angry on himself and adds that a person is responsible for his own life and if someone criticizes some fault lies on the person too




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