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Ram Gopal Verma Comments On Pawan Fans

Ram Gopal Verma is not a man who will mince with words. He has a huge and vast understanding on different aspects and he tries to have his own definitions to everything based on that understanding.

He doesn't care if it is right or wrong, he just goes on doing his thing and pokes at different people on issues for his pleasure. 

Recently, his involvement in Sri Reddy's abuse of Pawan Kalyan made him a huge enemy of fans of Pawan Kalyan. When he is asked if that thought scares him? 

He said, "Nothing scares me in life. I have an understanding on things and lead a life according to that. 

Did you ever see me commenting on Dawood Ibrahim? I know from where a silent bullet will come for me, if I comment on him. 

But when it comes to Pawan Kalyan fans they are just people with cell phones. When you have a cell phone and you have social networking apps, you try to be a hero by abusing and threatening.

In reality, they just end up scared and run for shelter, if their moms find out about them. 

You have seen them doing nothing when Pawan Kalyan is at Film Chamber officre talking against me and animated. They might have all been watching Mahesh Babu's film.

I am not scared of these people and in fact, I am not scared of anything. I have nothing to lose, if anyone has a precious thing to lose, then they will fear. I have nothing and I don't have to live in fear. I hate it." 



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