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Rakul’s Hot-to-Desi Girl Avatar

Rakul’s Hot-to-Desi Girl Avatar

Rakul Preet Singh, the hot glam diva, recently showed her Desi side in some stunning pictures. She donned a cream-colored embroidered kurta suit for the Navaratri celebrations, and she looked absolutely beautiful. The heavy jumkas she wore added a traditional touch to her overall look.

One thing that always stands out about Rakul is her impeccable sense of style. To accentuate her Desi look, she adorned her hair with flowers, which enhanced her natural beauty. The flowers in her hair added a touch of elegance and grace.

Completing her ensemble, Rakul sported a high bun hairstyle, which perfectly complemented her traditional attire. The high bun added an element of sophistication to her beautiful look. Additionally, she wore golden-colored jutis (traditional footwear), which added a touch of sparkle and completed the overall traditional vibe.

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