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Rakul Not Leaving Her Lucky Ring On Index Finger

On one side our celebs educate the audiences saying not to believe in any superstition. And other side, they themselves indulge in lots of things including that of astrology, numerology and others.

Among the contemporary actresses, milky siren Tamanna believes huge in numerology and always makes it a point to mention to the media and her producers that her name is written as 'Tammannah', adding an 'h' in the end. Now it looks sexy and fit girl Rakul Preet is also following one such superstition. 

Looks like Rakul believes that a gemstone will bring her luck as she wears that 'Kanaka Pushyaragam' stone to the index finger of her right hand. She's wearing this from a couple of years and that ring made its debut on silver screen as well no matter what role she's playing. She sported that in the films Rarandoi Veduka Choodam and Jaya Janaki Nayaka. And now, she took that to photoshoots too.

While posing quite sexily for some hot-shot magazines, Rakul is not leaving her ring alone. Whether it slipping into lingerie for 'Maxim' or flaunting her abs for 'Health and Nutrition', Rakul's Kanaka Pushyaragam ring is a must. No mood to leave it aah!




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