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Rakul Looked Up As A Perfect Bombai Actress

'When you're in Rome, be a Roman' is what a saying goes like and now hottie Rakul Preet Singh is pretty much applying it without any second thoughts. As she's focusing more on Mumbai now than Telugu films, here goes the way she's teasing people there.

Other day it happens to be a party thrown by a big media house regarding a religious event. But surprisingly, Rakul has turned up pretty hot at the event, leaving the onlookers with fumes gushing from their ears. Slipping into a single piece dress that has low-cut neck, the slender beauty has given a peek of her tempting curves. And none expected such a ravishing treat from her. 

To break ground in Bollwyood, earlier the likes of Kajal Agarwal, Trisha and other southern hotties also gave similar eye-popping and teasing glamour show in low-cut dresses, revealing ample glamour. Unfortunately, none of them worked in the b-town as these hotties looked melodramatic on silver screen though they managed to rock with red carpet appearances. 

However, one has to say that Rakul turned perfect 'Bombai' heroine when it comes to flaunting glamour at events. No matter what the event is, glamour is the mantra!!




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