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Rajini Kanth Says ‘not Interested’ In Becoming CM Candidate

Surprising his fans who are busy trending on social media that Superstar Rajnikanth will become the next Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, the actor clarified that he is not interested in CM's chair and won't take it also, even if his party wins majority in the next election.

Speaking at a meeting in Chennai today, where Rajnikanth is supposed to announce his political future, the actor clarified that he will take the route of popular Tamil leader and politician CN Annadurai, who has created many leaders. "If I wanted the CM seat, I would have taken it in 1996 only at the age of 45. But I'm not interested in that, even now, I would create leaders who could bring change in Tamilnadu, but won't contest for Chief Minister" said Rajnikanth.

He added that the incumbent ruling party is eating away the treasury government which is meant for people, while opposition is out of power for 10 years already and spending money heftily to grab power. "We have to make space for ourselves in amidst this two money backed giants, and make a mark. That would bring a change to TN politics forever" he says.

On a concluding note, Rajni articulated that Mahatma Gandhi started wearing minimal clothes only after visiting Tamilnadu and Subash Chandrabose started recruiting an army from TN only as his first 100 men are from the state. He added that he wants to bring Tamilnadu to the forefront of the country when it comes to change.




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