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Rajini Dominated By Eshwari Rao In Kaala

It is normal for Tamils ​​to put up with the heroes who do not feel bad. Swathi, Anjali, Anandi, Srideviya .. This is a list of the most. Not only the heroines, but also the character artists, some of them are good in Tamil cinema. Madhu .. Ajay Ghosh is an example. This includes a lady character artist. 

Yes .. Ishwari Rao. This is what happened to the super star Rajinikanth's wife in 'Kalaa'. Many do not know that she is a Telugu woman. Once in the film 'Rambundu', the movie is a heroine. But she did not get the chance to expect later. Prakash Raj's wife appeared in the film 'Bhadra'.

Eshwari, who later went missing without address, now plays a key role in Raja's wife in 'Kala'. Many suspected that she was no more than Eshwari next to Rajinikanth. But they all seemed to have seen her acting. Surprisingly, the way she made her special appearance beside Rajani, who captures the whole screen. Eshwari has shown his talent to act naturally and without natural selection. She is the most important part of the story. 

No matter what you feel when the film starts .. At the end of Eeshwari's role, she will have a respect for her. So good and enjoying it. Rajini in the 'Kalaa' release event .. Rajesh said greatly about her. After watching the film, there is nothing in the words. This film is going to get more opportunities for Eshwari.




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