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Rajini 2.0 Buyers Jittery After Kala Loss

It was a comeuppance of sorts for the buyers of Kala. This much-touted Rajinikanth starrer has proved to be a disaster of epic proportion. It barely managed a mere Rs 7 crore in the first four days in Telugu states. This amount is very unlike any other Rajini film and the movie is well on its way to be labeled a disaster. Now, those who bought the rights of Rajini's 2.0 are shaken to the core.

Banking on Rajini-Shankar image and the stupendous success of Robo, the buyers shelled out a whopping Rs 80 crore to secure the film's rights. But, since then, Rajini gave flop after flop. His Linga, Kabali, Kochadian and Kala have flopped. Given this track record, the buyers are jittery. They are already paying huge amounts towards the interest and if the film flops they would be doomed. The film might release only next summer and the buyers are a harried lot. Till then they have to take care of the interest amounts piling up. If after all this, the film flops, they will all be doomed. Naturally, there is lot of disquiet




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