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Rajamouli’s RRR Stands For Rise.. Revolt.. Revenge

Team RRR surprised all with a sudden announcement of the RRR title logo and motion poster coming up tomorrow. Though many expect it to be a full form of RRR with Telugu words standing for the names of the freedom fighters' roles in the film, the team is going the other way.

It is being rumored that RRR stands for Rise.. Revolt.. Revenge, the full form will be the same title in all languages for its universal appeal. Like the makers already announced, RRR will be released in five languages and the logo will be revealed tomorrow with the same three worded title if rumors are to be believed.

RRR fans might expect the title to be more related to both the superstars' names or at least to the roles they are playing, but if it is Rise… Revolt .. Revenge, it may not give them the kick they have been waiting for. While the shootings are delayed due to an unexpected virus attack, the team RRR may want to postpone it again from Sankranti next year to summer.




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