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Rajamouli Busy With Magadheera

That's the big question these days. Well, if one asks someone from Film Nagar, then the answer would be that he is busy with Charan-NTR film. But that's the surprise here. No, he is not busy with that film.

NTR is busy for three months with his ongoing film and Charan will be busy for six months for his film. So, Rajamouli has all the time in the world to work on the film's script.

Then, what is keeping Rajamouli busy these days? Apparently, Magadheera. Yes, the film he made many moons back. He is in the process of translating Magadheera into Japanese language.

In the past, Baahubali had ended up being a huge, huge success in Japan. So, to cash in on the craze, Rajamouli is now busy getting the film dubbed into that language.

It is being said that he has also come to an understanding with Magadheera producer Allu Aravind on the matter.

Now, what the deal is, who will get what, what is Arka Media's role — all these are yet unclear. But Rajamouli is now busy with this project.

And if that clicks as anticipated, then he will take socio-fantasy Yamadonga next to the Japanese platter.




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