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Radhika Reveals Truth About Balakrishna

Radhika Apte told him  in a lot of interviews that a famous Telugu hero was disrespectful to him. When the media learned that she was talking about Balakrishna, she did not bother to answer that question. No one has crossed the checkup whether it was true or not. 

But why did she make another movie with Balayya again when she was faced with the bitter experience of the film 'Legend' She said that she had acted in some films until she was recognized and that she did not have the name to make money so to make  the money  and fame i acted with balakrishnaand then demanded that it from the actress.

She said that now she has got the name of the films that she liked. Radika has already acted nude before the camera. She recently appeared in the role of Lecturer in Sexual Relationship with Student in 'Lust Stories'. Later, radhika said that she had acted in commercial films for money and now appears in similar roles for the soul's satisfaction. That's the logic she knows.




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