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PVP Tweets About Woman CM, Later Deletes It

YSRC leader – film producer Potluri Prasad tweeted something sensational and deleted it later. PVP tweeted about his wish to see a 'Telugu Woman Chief Minister', while he wrote the words about women's rights and feminism.

PVP's tweeted in Telugu about the Supreme court justice that stressed a need to put down the outdated traditions and to push aside the argument on male officers refuse to obey orders from women.

Remembering how NTR mandated that women have equal rights to ancestral property, PVP expressed his wish to see a Telugu woman CM ruling the state, which flaunts our respect for women. PVP's tweet read that women should be given half of the opportunities, property, public representation and Governance too.

While his tweet appears to be the appreciation and respect for Supreme Court's judgment on Women Army officers eligibility for permanent commissions and also allowing them to be in commanding roles, his words on 'Telugu Woman CM' have come up in sync with existing rumors on YS Bharathi becoming the CM of AP soon.




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