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Producer DVV Danayya Made Some Interesting Comments On RRR Remake

With Rajamouli and team not revealing anything, there are various rumours doing rounds around #RRR including that of the story and also technicians. And then, speaking with a leading tabloid, producer of the movie DVV Danayya has made some interesting comments on this.

Earlier rumours have come out that #RRR is loosely based on Bollywood Karan-Arjun, which deals with rebirth concept in a new way. Sharing his thoughts about the same, producer DVV Danayya has refuted the rumours saying that #RRR is a brand new story written by Rajamouli, his father and their team. 

At the same time, Danayya refused to divulge details about the film's storyline. "Please wait for one more month. You'll get to find out many details of the film including story, technicians and other interesting elements. Be patient for one more month, Rajamouli will surprise you", said Danayya, in his interview. 

Directed by Rajamouli, #RRR is started as a no-VFX kind of project, but finally, the film went to a level where 50% of the film will look incomplete without visual effectS




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