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Producer Demanding The Writer To Return The Advance

If you're scoring super hits continuously, then producers will beeline. And if flops are coming your way, then no producer actually cares. That's what happens in the life of a hero, director and heroine most of the times.

Here is this writer who has recently turned a director too. That said, though he's good with writing, he is pretty bad with direction part. And the flop show of that film has resulted in huge negative vibes around him. There follows the trouble as that film didn't' do well.

While he's busy crafting his first directorial venture, actually a couple of producers gave him an advance paycheck to work with him in the near future. But one producer who produced many flop films with big heroes has given him huge advance, taking an oath from the writer about his second movie. Now that writer's debut is a flop show, this big producer don't want to go ahead with him, but is now demanding to return his advance back. 

Cut to the writer, we hear that he is not responding to any of the phone calls made by the producers and the producers want to approach Film Chamber to sort the issue out.




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