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Priyanka Saves New York City From Terrorists

That's no joke, but a scene from star heroine Priyanka Chopra's TV series "Quantico" latest episode. Till date, there is no strength in the storyline of this soap opera apart from the fact that an Asian Indian is leading the show as the main character. But this flop show now got one episode that is infuriating all the Indians.

While the show is being stopped further without any production, the latest episode from Season 2 has a scene where Priyanka saves New York city from terrorists who call themselves as Pakistanis. However, the intelligent FBI Agent Alex Parrish finds that they are Indian Hindus by their Rudraksha and not Pak nationals. She finds that they want to attack the USA and push the blame on Pak in order to thwart a summit of India and Pak regarding Jammu-Kashmir. 

For agreeing to play such a role where Hindu nationals are called as terrorists, netizens are giving black and blue to Priyanka Chopra on social media. Some went on saying that India made her a star while she betrayed the nation by playing the anti-Indian character. 

Though Quantico received poor ratings, Indian audiences have become its main viewers for the fact that the lead girl is Priyanka. However, they are now upset about doing so. 




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