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Priyanka Love The Idea Of Getting Married

Priyanka Chopra shared her views about the institution of marriage, being romantic and happy at Saks x Vogue event in Wolffer Estate Vineyards, New York. 'I love the idea of getting married…wish to marry at some point. Marriage doesn't make one smaller or bigger or less/more feminist. Feminism is letting women make through choices without judging them. It's not about proving a point,' she told.

The 'Quantico' Star claimed to be super romantic. She feels giving attention and making them feel special is most important thing to do when you love someone.

Pee Cee believes she is most beautiful when she is happy and confidence is the best thing a woman can wear. According to her, Clothes, Accessories and Bags are like packaging. When you have the confidence, The World gonna buys what you sell. 

Priyanka reveals she isn't a chocolate and flowers kind of girl. She appreciates thoughtful things done for her rather than such things.  




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