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Is It Real That Prashant Kishore Went To West Bengal On Cargo Flight!!!…

To start with, there are many rumours regarding the number of cases COVID-19 cases in West Bengal. The Central Government is having a information that the West Bengal State Government is hiding the number of Corona Virus cases. Regarding this, Central Government had planned to send a team to review the number of cases submitted by the State Government and tally them. On this issue CM Mamata Banerjee is not happy and didn't allow the team sent by Centre to get into the state.

What is being said is that, Didi asked Prashant Kishore to come immediately to Kolkatta to meet and discuss onto finding  a solution to tackle the situation. In this regard Central government had an information that Prashant Kishore took a cargo flight from Delhi to Kolkatta. They were trying to find out whether he really did go. They are checking every other CC Camera, by the possible date and time in the Delhi Airport.

When Prashant Kishore was asked about it he completely denied the allegation and said that he went to Kolkatta before the lock down on March19th. When he was further questioned whether he went to Bengal through Road, he didn't respond and kept saying if anyone has any evidence regarding his travel they can come out and prove it.

Does Prashant Kishore really went to Bengal via cargo plane or by any means of transport only can be found in the due investigation process. If the allegation is real we hope that the Centre Govt., will take a stern action on this issue. As lock down is highly mandatory to curtail  the spread of Corona virus in the country, so should be the rules must be same for everyone.


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