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Praneetha Stepping In To Bollywood

Being a heroine is a very difficult task. Sometimes the chances are coming and miss the last minute. Hundreds of heroines are introduced in a year from Bollywood to Tollywood. But the number of star heroines in it is very low. Beyond the heroine of the past, the heroine is also looking to increase her craze to the Bangalore beauty .. Bapu bomma Pranita. 

The star has hold the screen with the heroes but has not been recognized. Now he is testing his fortune in Bollywood. Immediately after the chance to appear in a song, The title of the song coming in Ayishman Main Role is titled Chetan Khitan. The song composed by Rochek Kohli will direct Suresh Tripathi. Praneetha is the latest in this song.

But in the same way, a Bangalore beauty has tested fortune in Bollywood. She is not someone else. She did not get a glimpse of the glamor dose. At present there is a route to try. And see how well the presentation will be clicked.




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