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Prabhas Marrying A Girl From Bhimavaram

Young Rebel Star Prabhas' marriage has been the topic of discussion across the nation, more than that of Bollywood star Salman Khan ever since the stupendous success of Baahubali. 

For quite some time, rumors have been spreading about his marriage and that too with his co star Anushka whom he romanced on silver screen in many hit films. In the midst of all this, friends and cousins of Prabhas speaking to scribes, clarified on Prabhas' marriage. 

They said there is no truth in the rumors about Prabhas marrying Anushka. They made it clear that Prabhas is in touch with Anushka, just like with all his other film friends. They clarified saying nothing more is there between them. 

They said Prabhas’s uncle Krishnam Raju and mother recently saw a girl from Bheemavaram and the girl's father runs an educational institution. They further informed talks are underway and if the match is confirmed, official announcement will come out.




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