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Potholes Became The House Of Death

Over the last few years, several new cars and 2-wheelers have gotten on to roads.. Hundreds of Crores have been spent on campaigns to teach public on safe driving. Despite such campaigns, several Indians have lost their lives on roads. The latest report released by the government of India tells that potholes killed more number of people than terrorist activities in 2017.

While potholes in 2017 killed 3597 people, terrorists claimed the lives of 803 in India, and this is almost 50% rise from the year before (2016)- 2324. Part of the increase is believed to be inefficiency & corruption of municipal authorities, besides lack of road discipline among riders. 

The state-wise data posts that Uttar Pradesh tops the list with 987 deaths, while Maharashtra and Haryana takes second and third place by claiming 726 and 522 lives respectively. Most of these fatalities involve two-wheeler riders not wearing helmets. Also, the numbers of deaths due to accidents on 'roads under construction' went up from 3878 in 2016 to 4250 in 2017.

The Road Ministry officials already made a provision to book negligent and faulty officials in Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill in view of growing deaths due to poor maintenance and negligence in fixing problems. Currently, this bill is pending in Parliament as previous session resulted in continuous disruption from opposition parties. 




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