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Poonam Pandey Making Things More Vulgar

After slowing down for a while, Poonam Pandey is back with her new boyfriend Sam Bombay to do more naughty and dirty acts. This time, she has gone to extremes on her Instagram account with shirt tips, Naughty FIFA 2018 and the latest is Bedtime Stories. 

Poonam Pandey let the standup comedian Nitin Mirani touch her breast in one of those Naughty Fifa clips and now in Sam Bombay's direction, the bomb is getting dirtier with bedtime stories. The poster she released for the new story on her app is showing her from an angle where she needs to cover her private parts with hands! While her films went without trace at box office and no new films in hand, Poonam Pandey is busy at making things more vulgar to stay in spotlight.




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