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Poonam Kaur Cleavage Show

When beauty goes unappreciated it is also sin. That's complete true, as nature even women are highly beautiful and if one cannot appreciate it, then we are committing a sin. 

Poonam Kaur is one such beauty who has been underappreciated as per the film opportunities. 

We don't know the reasons but she couldn't make it as big as many hoped she would.

These days she has been tweeting about an actor and director duo, in a very cryptic manner leaving the dots for us to connect. 

Well, for a change she shared a lovely picture as a part of #Throwback series and she seriously got many eyes pop out. 

Just look at her expression and cleavsge show, do you think there is anymore subtle seduction than this? 

She is currently busy with Bollywood movie and a huge budget television serial




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