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Political Parties Tricks Fails Resulting Zero Effect On Central Government

The Central Government has reiterated the same old stand on all bifurcation issues in its latest affidavit to the Supreme Court. Special Status is ruled out in the name of Finance Commission, Capital Funds are not increased, No R&R Package in Polavaram and so on. There is no mention even about Arun Jaitley‘s Special Formula on Revenue Deficit. The Finance Minister himself announced it in a Press Meet as well as the Parliament but the Revenue Deficit Numbers in the Affidavit are the previous numbers only. This will mean that all those protests, Stalling of the Parliament, No Confidence Motions, Resignations, Deekshas etc by whatever parties have proved to be absolutely zero effect on the Central Government even as the State BJP leaders make tall claims. The exclusion of the 33000 Crore Rehabilitation and Restoration Package from Polavaram is nothing but cut-throat treachery by the Center to the State Government. But the hard fact is that Modi Government has the majority on its own and nothing can move it. All the Theatrics by the parties in the names of protests is only for the sake of making the people believe they are doing something.





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