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PM Modi- ‘How Much Longer Will India Be Kept Out Of UN’s Decision-Making Body’

New Delhi: On Saturday (September 26), Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a strong pitch for changes at the United Nations in a powerful opening remark at the United Nations General Assembly ( UNGA), saying," Until when will India be kept away from the decision-making phase of the UN? The need for the hour is change in the responses, in the procedures, in the character of the United Nations. It is a reality that there is unprecedented confidence and reverence that the United Nations enjoys in India. But it is also true that the people of India have been waiting for the completion of the United Nations reforms for a long time. Today, the people of India are concerned about whether this reform-process will ever reach its logical conclusion?," opined PM Modi.

He said, stressing India's credential for the high table, "How long will India be kept out of the United Nations decision-making structures? A nation that is the world's largest democracy, a nation with more than 18 percent of the world 's population, a country that has hundreds of languages, hundreds of dialects, many religions, many philosophies, a country that has been the world's leading economy for decades, and also one that has seen hundreds of years of international rule." How long should a country have to wait, particularly when a large part of the world is affected by the changes taking place in that country? The principles on which the United Nations are founded are very similar to those of India and are not distinct from the fundamental philosophy of India itself.

The terms Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, the entire world is a family, have always reverberated in this hall of the United Nations, "said PM Modi. He also shared," We treat the whole world as one family. It is an aspect of our culture, personality, and thought. India has always given priority to the wellbeing of the entire world in the United Nations, too. India is a nation that has sent its courageous soldiers on some 50 peacekeeping missions. India is the nation that, in the process of maintaining stability, has lost the largest number of its brave soldiers. Today, every Indian aspires to India's expanded role in the United Nations, while seeing the contribution of India to the United Nations.

PM Modi also referred to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and said, "Even during these very difficult times of a raging pandemic, India's pharmaceutical industry has sent vital medicines to more than 150 countries." He added, "As the world's largest vaccine producing country, I want to send the global community one more assurance today that India's vaccine development and distribution capacity will be ours. In India and in our neighbourhood, we are going ahead with stage 3 clinical trials. India will also assist all countries in improving their cold chain and storage capacity for vaccine delivery.

PM Modi also spoke about the obligation of India as a non-permanent member of the January 2021 Security Council and said, "I express my gratitude to all of our fellow countries who have given India this trust." For the good of the entire planet, we can use the reputation and expertise of the largest democracy. "Our path goes from human welfare to the world's welfare." He added that India will always speak for peace, stability and development and will not hesitate to lift its voice against terrorism, smuggling of illicit arms, narcotics and money laundering, the enemies of humanity, the human race and human values.

The cultural heritage of India, its history, its thousands of years of experience, will always be good for developing countries. The impressions of India, the transformative journey of India with its ups and downs, will affirm the road to world welfare, said PM Modi.


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