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Plan Ready To Kill Modi

The incident happened in the country. Maoists are planning to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Pune Police have been struck by the internal communications system operating in our own. Police said several key information emerged when investigating the case of the Koregaon in Maharashtra. This led them to know about the assassination of Modi. In a letter to the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Mao also insisted that PM Modi should be targeted. This letter has become sensational.

Police said that the letter was written on April 17 this year. Comrades proposed to end Modi's rule under the articles in this letter. In a letter, Mao wrote in a letter that Rajiv Gandhi should be killed as he has been killed and we are more likely to work on it but it is better to work on roadshow. Coming to thank Kamad Prakash, the other Mao wrote a letter. Comrade Kishan along with other comrades wrote this letter.

Meanwhile, Pakistan's terrorist organization Jamaat Ud Dawa also made similar comments. Members of the prohibited intelligence community have spoken badly about India. Jamat Ud Dawa's member Maulana Bashir Ahmad Khaki said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be killed and then displaced by India. International terrorist Hafeez Saeed, a Jamaat company based in Pakistan. Maulana Bashar called for a jihadist war in the holy Ramadan month after the Friday prayers. Jihad said that Ramzan was a good time and if he died in Jihadi, he would go to heaven. Bashar said that Jihad-ud-Dawa members of Jammu and Kashmir were continuing with India's security forces in Kashmir, and that they were working with the aim of destroying India for the freedom of Kashmir.




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