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PK Refused To Lead Samaikyandhra Movement

Pawan Kalyan made it clear Jana Sena activities willn't be confined to AP alone as it belongs to Telangana as well and it's a party of Telugu People irrespective of the region/state/country.

During the meeting with Mega Fans in Hyderabad, Pawan Kalyan claimed to have floated Jana Sena for unity among Telugus. 'If we keep working, Power should follow us. We shouldn't go after power..that's our ideology. I believe in destiny. Our character and capacity will decide our destination. Edagadaniki Endukura Thondara…Nee Bathukantha Chindaravandara!,' he commented.

PK told he refrained from contesting elections in 2009 only to gain complete knowledge about politics. 'Few people asked Me to lead Samaikyandhra Movement but I turned down the proposal. Telanganites placed Me in their hearts. I always wanted people to stay united wherever they might be,' he said.

Jana Sena Chief thanked Chiru for making him an Actor who understands and respects various cultures. He added, 'It took me 10 years for conducting a meeting like this after setting up Common Man Protection Force in 2007. Acting is just a profession for Me. Social Service is my way of life,' declared Powerstar.

The Actor-turned-Politician told he asked Modi to safeguard the national integrity when PM quizzed what he wants. 'I don't want Youth to make sacrifices. Instead, I am ready to take that step for them. I just want them to support Me. My Politics will be different from that of other politicians and political parties,' he asserts. 

Pawan warned Fans when they kept raising 'CM' slogan by saying over-enthusiasm will lead to indiscipline. At one stage, He expressed his anguish on fans and shouted 'Kurcho..ekkuva cheyyaku..aagu, apey, athicheyyaku. Venakki vellandi…leda kurchondi'. 




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