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PK Meets Tribals In Visakhapatnam Agency Areas

Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan, who is touring Visakhapatnam Agency areas, has advised the policy makers to "first visit the tribals and understand their plight" instead of drafting policies "sitting in air-conditioned rooms". "The development that threatens one’s very existence is not needed," he said. Having spoken to the tribals of Dumbriguda, Paderu and Araku areas, PK — as he is known — talked about the problems and difficulties being faced by the tribals, and added that "those attuned to nature — tribal communities — are not selfish".

After women complained that they had no drinking water and were falling sick by drinking the stream water, Pawan urged his party activists to take the water samples and get them tested in the lab. He also visited a local school and discussed students' problems and interacted with tribal youth there. He went to Kasturba Girls High School and Hostel and assured the students to solve their problems. The tribals presented him gifts produced in the forest region.




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