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PK Eye Operation Completed Successfully Followed By Rest For 4 Days

Pawan Kalyan underwent eye surgery at the LV Prasad Eye Hospital in Hyderabad on Thursday. The Actor-turned-Politician kept delaying the surgery for months because of his tight schedule. Finally, He decided to pay heed to the Doctors.

Since few months, Jana Sena Chief has been facing discomfort in the left eye. He was protecting his eyes from lighting & dust by wearing glasses. The pain he was suffering only got escalated during the Porata Yatra in Visakha.

On Wednesday evening, Pawan Kalyan got admitted to LV Prasad Eye Hospital. Doctors had performed a surgery on Thursday and discharged him by evening. He was advised to take complete rest for at least four days.

As per the schedule, Porata Yatra in East Godavari district will begin on July 16th. Whether the tour will be delayed by few days or goes as per the schedule is a million dollar question now. Jana Sena might issue an official statement on Friday.




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