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Pic Talk- The Super Hot Body Of Fitness Queen

One of the fitness-obsessed celebrities of B-town, Disha Patani, takes her weight goals very seriously. She is like no less than a workout encyclopedia as her pictures and videos are proof on how she workout daily to earn those washboard abs and toned arms.

Disha’s latest picture in Calvin Klein outfit is aww-inspiring. The actress wore fuschia pink coloured gym pants and sports bra and she posed for the camera by lying down. With a black background, her brown coloured hair and bright pink attire just made the picture more vibrant and attractive Moreover, one can not ignore Disha’s perfect abs.

Her body shows her dedication towards fitness. Disha treats workouts like her job and hence, she is often seen hanging out at her gym. Moreover, friends like Tiger Shroff beside her, Disha cannot go wrong in losing focus, helping in accountability, In conclusion, Disha is known for trying new fitness trends and doing them in an interesting manner. Enjoying her painful workouts is also an art and Disha masters it!




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