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Peoples Trust In Modi Reaches 83% Amid COVID-19 Combat

Morning Consult, a research firm based out of the US has carried out a survey which states that the approval rate of Prime Minister increased to 83% on the 21st of April, which was 76% on the 7th of January.

Another survey, that was conducted by IANS-CVoter showcased that the trust in Prime Minister Narendra Modi increased to 93.5% by the 21st of April which stood at 76.8% by March 25.

One can clearly say that the Centre headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi took many precautions and measures to see that the condition in the country gets under control by imposing lockdown and directing the countrymen to stay at their homes and not hit the roads.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, Narendra Modi's government went through a severe criticism on the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC and for the slowdown of the economy.

The nationwide lockdown that was imposed in the third week of March has now entered the second phase and is expected to get ended on the 3rd of May as per the earlier schedule.




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