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Payal Rajput Faces Cheap Talks From Media Folks

People tend to be opinionated and those opinions are likely to be biased too. But opinions of folks like Journalists should not be biased and they should have a rationale. Sample this, to understand what we are talking about.

Many feel that the success of "RX100" at the box office, despite critics giving a thumbs down to it, is solely due to the lip kissing scenes and glamour show of heroine Payal Rajput. Okay, let's keep it that way. And then, some comments made by Telugu media folks have hurt the heroine now, says a source. 

Some media folks questioned her, "Why so much glamour show for just 6 lakhs payment?" and "Why lip kissing and backless treats for such low payment?". This is surely cheap talk and it hurts. Should a heroine charge basing on the amount of glamour show she pours on? That's a completely ridiculous thinking. 

A heroine's pay-packet depends on the craze and stardom she has, it's not on the amount of glamour she puts on. Sometimes few heroines get paid more for slipping into a bikini, but that doesn't mean that one should wear a bikini only if they are paid high. Take Nayantara for example, she's paid only in lakhs when she's in that glamour phase, but now she's pocketing more than 2 crores for author backed roles. 

In a way, this particular comment passed by few media folks is nothing but objectifying women and seeing a heroine only from glamour aspect. Come on guys, grow up!




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