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Pawans Sharp Reaction On Ex-JDs Resignation

Ex-JD Lakshmi Narayana's resignation came as a shocker to Janasena supporters. The chief of party, Pawan Kalyan took his time to respond to it.

Pawan Kalyan issued a statement accepting and respecting VV Lakshmi Narayana's decision to resign. Mentioning Lakshmi Narayan's reason of Pawan Kalyan's instability about going back to films, Pawan Kalyan gave a cinematic answer like he doesn't own Cement factories or mining ores or milk factories, neither he is a Government employee, but all he knows and has is cinema and there are many families depending on his earnings.

Calling it a mandate and need for him, Pawan Kalyan says he had to go back to doing films for the party's financial strength and also for the survival of his own family. Pawan Kalyan says Lakshmi Narayana should have learned and mentioned all these in his resignation.

Accepting the fact that Lakshmi Narayana resigned to the party, Pawan Kalyan underlined that the respect for him remains the same with Janasainiks along with him.




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