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Pawans Ex Wife Renu Got Engaged

Actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai has finally moved ahead. After months of hinting at a new relationship, the former actress has finally made it official regarding the engagement. Renu Desai has been sharing screenshots of abusive Pawan Kalyan fans on the marriage issue for some time. It led many to anticipate what is going to come and that is precisely what one got eventually. Although the new guy in her life remains mysterious, her engagement with him isn’t a mystery anymore. We have to see how the fans react to this, although it would be best in everyone’s interest if personal lives are left as it is. Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan has turned busy post-relocation to Vijayawada. He has been seen moving around to temples and offering prayers. The Janasena chief will begin his next trip politically soon from Uttar Andhra.





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