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Pawankalyan Next Tour To Godavari Districts

Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has finished touring Srikakulam and Vizianagaram as a part of his Janasena Porata Yatra and will be touring Vishakapatnam from tomorrow. Pawan Kalyan has drawn heavy crowds in the two districts. The impressive part about Pawan Kalyan’s Yatra is that he is touching the local issues. At one place, he even mentioned about too many pigs roaming at the Bus Stop. This local connect is helping him get closer to the people. Janasena has previously recruited Speakers, Analysts, and Writers from all the districts. The party is using their services to prepare speeches for Pawan Kalyan to attract the masses. This seems to be working for the Janasenani. Pawan Kalyan’s Speeches are mixed with Local issues as well as the State issues as a whole which is connecting to the people. But the only disappointment is that he is not fighting the center as much as he is doing on the issues of the state. Pawan Kalyan is expected to take a break after completing the Uttarandhra tour and will then enter Godavari districts after that. Godavari districts seem to be the stronghold of Janasena due to the huge presence of the Kapu population.





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